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The Rainbow



The Finest

Rainbow Play System swing sets are an environmentally responsible choice you can feel good about having in your backyard. We’re proud to build safe, durable swing sets with strong, sturdy lumber, America’s greatest renewable resource.

Our Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster and King Kong swing sets are constructed exclusively of North American timber and are covered by our unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.

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Top Standards

Rainbow Play Systems is one of the trusted leaders in wooden swing sets because of our commitment to quality and safety.

With Rainbow Play Systems swing sets, you can rest assured that every safety consideration has been tested, evaluated and tested again before ever reaching the finished swing set.

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The Best

Because we choose the highest quality materials, we’re able to offer outstanding warranties on our swing sets.

Each Rainbow Play System swing set is unique based on the features and components your family chooses to design your perfect swing set.

There are literally hundreds of components and pieces that go into making each Rainbow swing set, each with its own lifetime or 5-year warranty.

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100% Expandable

You can design and build your own set design with Rainbow Play Systems. With more than 100 Rainbow Play Systems swing set models and hundreds of swing set accessories to choose from.

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Professional Staff

Rainbow Play Systems swing sets are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, you can’t go wrong with a professional installation. Our trained professionals will install all the components of your swing set and make sure it is assembled according to specifications for maximum safety and durability.

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