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How it all began...

Hi and welcome to Rainbow Play UAE, I am Naomi Carr-Sutherland, Manager of Rainbow UAE. Becoming involved and being a distributor of Rainbow Play Systems here in the UAE has been quite an organic process.

My interest was stirred in early 2009 when I started looking for a decent wooden swing, slide and play set for my son, then 3 and a half years of age.

Having lived in the UAE since 1996, I have seen the harsh effects of this climate on outdoor products and I knew that what I wanted to purchase would have to be of extremely high quality to withstand the climate here. There were other requirements too – flexible, modular, free-standing and safe to name a few. In 2009 there wasn’t anything that I could purchase locally in the UAE that fitted these requirements.

Our Rainbow in our backyard

My Childrens’ Rainbow in our backyard

As a result we took steps to import a Rainbow Play System from the USA and believed that there were other families like us that would want the same and we took the steps to supply other families here in the UAE with this great product.

Over the last three years we have evolved to a known household name in the UAE and most people know of or have seen our product for themselves in a friend’s or a relative’s garden and they have their own children asking for a “Rainbow” of their own.

Along with the good quality product, we offer personalized help in choosing your Rainbow, I am more than happy to sit and meet you to discuss your requirements based on my knowledge of the product and the fact that my three children, my son 6 and a half years and my twin daughters, almost 4 years of age, use our Rainbow daily. I know what they like and don’t like and at what age they have mastered certain activities. It really has been one of the best investments that we have made for our children and it makes it a pleasure to provide a product that I truly believe in.

I look forward to helping you choose your Rainbow soon!

From Beautiful Brookings, SD to Your Backyard… Rainbow Play Systems: 26 years of quality swing sets and kids playsets. Thanks to families like yours, Rainbow Play Systems has grown from a small custom job shop in Minnesota to a high-tech swing set manufacturing facility. Today, there are more than one Million Rainbow Play Systems swing sets and play equipment in backyards across the world.

While the scale of our swing set operation has changed over the last 26 years, our focus remains paramount – creating the safest, most durable and highest quality swings sets available in America.

Company overview:

  • Established in 1985
  • 650,000 -sq ft manufacturing facility
  • 150 employees
  • 200+ dealerships around the world
  • 250+ Showrooms around the world
  • 100+ swing set accessories

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